Dewalt dwx726

The Tool Scout is a member of Amazon Associates. We may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. Learn more. With one of the benefits of many miter saws, especially cordless miter sawsis that they are portable. This obviously creates a need for something that they can be mounted on, and with the Dewalt DWX, you have an ideal solution to mount your beloved miter saw.

Dewalt may be a brand which is highly associated with manufacturing high-quality power tools, but they also have a reputation as one of the top tool accessory companies in the world. Not only that, it has very high review ratings too.

One thing that sets it apart from many other miter saw stands is that it has wheels, making it one of the most portable stands available. Any DIY enthusiast or professional carpenter who needs to ability to use their miter saw away from their workshop, or in multiple locations, will definitely have a need for this miter saw stand as it allows you to set up and start cutting wood, just about anywhere. While it may be branded Dewalt, that does not mean you necessarily have to have a Dewalt miter saw to use it.

The mount is adjustable and is therefore suitable for just about any brand of miter saw. If you have limited storage space, you will love this, as it folds up vertically and will thus take up very little space when being stored.

Finally, if you are someone who likes to be able to move your tools and accessories with the minimum of effort, the wheels on this miter saw stand make it almost effortless for you to move it around. Everyone should be looking for a product like a miter saw stand to be portable, and that is exactly what the Dewalt DWX is. It is lightweight so can be carried, but better than that, it has wheels, so it is no harder to move than golf trolley. Once you are at the spot where you plan to work, the stand can be raised or lowered to the appropriate height that is most comfortable for you using pneumatically assisted adjustments.

When you're all set, workpieces can be moved in or out more easily thanks to the rollers on each side, and with a capacity for lengths up to 8 feet, you should be able to use this stand for almost all jobs. When fished, the stand is easily folded down and can be stored vertically using the minimum of space.

DeWalt DWX726 Rolling Miter Saw Stand Review

The first thing you want to do is to download the user instructions. As you will see when you read it, the English language section of the manual runs to 9 pages of detailed text so it will be impossible for us to cover everything in just one paragraph. What is important though, is within that manual, you will find all the instructions necessary to set up and use this miter saw stand correctly and safely.

Read them carefully before attempting to set or use the stand, as when your miter saw is running you have a very sharp circular blade spinning at high speed, so you need to ensure that you are working safely. Our basic advice would be to always set it up on a flat, solid and level surface, and do so far enough away from anything that might interfere with your work, especially if you are working with longer pieces of wood.

Make sure your miter saw is securely mounted before operating it and keep within the recommended weight limit for the stand when you place materials on to it. You have increased workpiece capacity of 18 feet, which is the highest of this type, adjustable feeds of up to 12 inches in height, a telescopic leg, which levels the stand, and most impressive of all, is Bosch's own patented 'Gravity Rise System' which sets up the stand in just seconds.

Having a great brand reputation doesn't guarantee any single product is going to be top-notch; however, there is no denying that the Dewalt DWX Miter Saw Stand is an excellent accessory for anyone who needs to set up and use a miter saw in multiple locations.

Wheels making it ultra-portable, infeed and outfeed rollers, adjustable mounting rails, and height adjustment, which is pneumatically assisted, all set it ahead of many of its competitors. You've got plenty of choices when it comes to miter saw stands and when we reviewed the best miter saw stands availableand the Dewalt DWX topped the list. I started The Tool Scout because I love talking about everything DIY related and figured I could help others with the decision-making process when it comes to selecting the right tools for the right job.

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Dewalt DWX Miter Saw Stand With Wheels Dewalt may be a brand which is highly associated with manufacturing high-quality power tools, but they also have a reputation as one of the top tool accessory companies in the world. Who Is This Product For? What's Included?First and foremost, the job of a good miter saw stand is to support the saw, while also providing a consistent feed and support for the work material. There are two basic types of miter saw stands, the compact fixed stand with or without roller feeds and the heavier-duty rolling stand that is made to be a more permanent yet portable solution.

For us, this presented a fun project. In our opinion, the instructions were fairly clear. At times, though, it was difficult to figure out the proper orientation of a part.

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The only required tools were the included hex wrench and a few wrenches. We used these to grab hold of the bolts for the wheel assembly. The tubular steel appeared to be strong—a good feature for a heavy inch miter saw. The way everything fit together led us to believe that once assembled, the miter stand could handle large miter saws. We wanted it to maintain good footing on uneven jobsites. Overall, it took us around 30 minutes to put it together.

We also tested it with a Bosch Axial Glide inch miter saw to test compatibility. This ended up being fairly easy. At one point, we learned that moving the horizontal rails all the way back inhibits the long bolts from passing through the captured nuts. This would be no big deal except for the fact that each rail has a centrally-located fastening point which the miter saw obscures.

If you want to readjust either of the rails, you need to completely remove the miter saw or planer. But you know what? Having read this, you can avoid our mistakes and get the job done even more quickly. We used a non-DeWalt miter saw for this exercise, and the stand easily adapted to fit. In fact, having learned how the rail system worked, it was easy to see how just about any saw on the market should be able to fit onto the DWX stand.

The stand also comes with integrated cord wrap posts that need to be installed. After mounting the miter saw, we grasped the handle, foot on the extension leg for support, and pushed downward. We found it to be a relatively simple effort that dropped the weight of our inch miter saw smoothly.

dewalt dwx726

We found it just as easy to lift the saw to its proper working height. At times, the lifting and lowering mechanism liked to stick. After moving it up and down several times, we figured out its quirks. We cut different material on this stand with a heavy Makita inch cordless miter saw. In fact, this was quite the test.

Even with the weight of the saw, the stand rose and fell properly. When cutting dimensional lumber and 1x trim, it never felt flimsy or unbalanced.Pros: I love the mobility of it and how easy it is to raise and lower the saw. It has a firm base and is very solid.

dewalt dwx726

Cons: I replace a Hitachi miter stand with this. It had removable plates that installed to the bottom of tools so you can use various tools on the stand like a miter saw, table saw, router, etc. It just didn't roll around like this dewalt stand does. I wish dewalt would have made it to where the saw could easily be able to remove and use the stand for more tools. It's the best stand I've found yet though!

I use it in my construction trailer and it's easy to move from jobsite to jobsite. Last con: For the sake of storage, I don't like storing it vertically in the construction trailer while going down the road because I don't like the saw bouncing around in as ver tical position. Laying it down takes up too much room and is a pain to move when I need to get in and out. I have it vertically up against the wall right now and put a ratchet strap from the carring handle on the saw to a rafter bar in the trailer just to reduce some of the bouncing up and down it does when I'm driving down the road.

This is the second rolling the most and that I have purchased.

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I enjoy being able to roll my soul out of my trailer and anywhere on the job site. It is convenient it lives in about 2 seconds to where you needed and it has all the adjustments and a roller for your trim to rest on makes it easy for cutting. The only thing that I will caution you is if you are cutting heavy Lumber then you might want an extra brace to hold the weight of the number as I have been one of the arms by putting very heavy wet treated lumber on it without a brace.

Common Sense dictates I shouldn't have done that. So I did purchase another one and I'm planning to buy replacement brackets or arms for my original one. Other than that it is awesome. I read a lot of reviews before ordering this table for my miter saw. One item not mentioned in the description was an adjustable stop on the end of the table. For this reason I almost bought a different table. However, I figured I could make one for the table.

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DEWALT 779 (DWS780) Double Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw Unboxing

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dewalt dwx726

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DeWalt DWX726 Rolling Miter Saw Stand Review

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dewalt dwx726

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